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Do you know the introduction and classification of quality Steel Rolling Mill Machines?


Do you know the introduction and classification of quality Steel Rolling Mill Machines?

Steel Rolling Mill Machines
2021/03/26 13:55

Steel Rolling Mill Machines or steel rolling equipment mainly refers to the mechanical equipment used to complete the entire rolling process from raw materials to finished products. It generally includes several units composed of Steel Rolling Mill Machines and a series of auxiliary equipment. The machines that produce plastic deformation of rolled products are usually called Steel Rolling Mill Machines series, also known as the main equipment of Steel Rolling Mill Machines. The types and characteristics of Steel Rolling Mill Machines mark the types and characteristics of the entire rolling mill.

Steel Rolling Mill Machines

Steel Rolling Mill Machines can be divided into billet mills, section steel mills, hot-rolled strip mills, cold-rolled strip mills, hot-rolled seamless steel pipe mills, cold-rolled steel pipe mills, and special-purpose rolling mills.

The future development trend of Steel Rolling Mill Machines is towards large-scale, continuous, high-speed and automated development.
(1) Increase the weight of ingots or coils; in the past, the blooming mill ingots were generally 101 92-20 tons, but now it has been increased to 1,140-50 tons, and the maximum coil weight for hot strip rolling has been increased from 15 tons to 45 tons. , The weight of cold-rolled coil is 60 tons, and the weight of wire rod has reached 2 to 4 tons.
(2) Increase the roll diameter; the roll diameter of the blooming mill has reached 1300~1500mm, the hot strip work roll has reached 760~850mm, and the diameter of the back-up roll of the finishing mill has been increased to 1700mm.
(3) Increase the power of the main motor.
(4) In terms of high speed: the hot tandem rolling speed of wide strip steel has reached 28.6m/s, the cold tandem rolling has reached 41.5 m/s, and the wire rod mill has reached 60~75m/s.
(5) In terms of continuity: In addition to the original cold, hot continuous rolling, and wire rod rolling mills, wide-side I-beam continuous rolling mills, seamless steel tube continuous rolling mills, continuous welded tube rolling mills, and round and billet continuous rolling mills have been developed.
(6) Automation: At present, the computer automatic control level of wide-band steel rolling mills is the highest among all types of rolling mills, and computer control is adopted from slab feeding to coiling.