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How to use Two high Short stress Rolling Mill (housing less mill) with better control


How to use Two high Short stress Rolling Mill (housing less mill) with better control

Steel Rolling Mill Machines
2022/04/01 11:47

This practical Two high Short stress Rolling Mill(housing less mill), can improve the quality of steel plate finish, it can reduce the friction of the bearing, increase its service life, and effectively dissipate the heat of the gear, it can also reduce the protective shell At the same time, it can improve the resistance and sound insulation effect of the protective casing, and provide a better viewing angle. In the automatic high-precision cold-rolled thickness control technology, it has reached a high level abroad. How to control the use of the equipment?

Two high Short stress Rolling Mill(housing less mill)

Nowadays, some achievements have been made in this field in China, but there is still a gap compared with developed countries. Therefore, professional equipment manufacturers have studied the influence of the thickness of the oil film tape. According to the change of the relative thickness of the oil film, the cold compensation control Two Corresponding method of high Short stress Rolling Mill (housing less mill), and theoretical research on thickness compensation control, which can be adjusted accurately and effectively according to the deviation between the actual reduction amount of the screw and the required reduction amount The one-step pressing of the screw reduces or eliminates the roller pressing the upper roller to fix the screw, reducing or eliminating the dimensional deviation of the spacing between the upper and lower rollers.

At present, the processing quality of the Two high Short stress Rolling Mill (housing less mill) is better, and the performance is improved. During the research process, the influence of oil film thickness on cold rolling thickness was first proposed, and the correction of the manufacturer's rolling mill was adjusted. formula, it can be seen that the degree of adjustment is very good, today, the direction of the metal sheet entering the rolling channel is automatically adjusted, labor is reduced, the coolant is recovered to improve utilization, all rotation axes are the same, and the produced metal sheet is flat The surface is tight.

The lubrication device Two high Short stress Rolling Mill (housing less mill) is equipped with a non-slip nut, which can improve the stability of the device, and can adjust the height of the device during the installation process to avoid not only affecting the lubrication effect, but also filtering the lubricating oil to prevent Impurities enter the equipment, reduce the accident rate, and provide better prospects for use. The Two high Short stress Rolling Mill (housing less mill) provided today uses a larger measurement space for personnel, so that personnel can accurately measure the space, This ensures the precise positioning of the anti-winding guide.