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Classification use and development of Rolling mill machines


Classification use and development of Rolling mill machines

Steel Rolling Mill Machines
2022/03/10 11:40

Rolling mill machines come in two forms: cold rolled and hot rolled. Hot rolling is mainly used for billeting and producing section steel. The mill models include Type 630-650 Mill, Type 500-550 Mill and Type 2300 Plate Mill. Cold rolling is mainly used for final rolling. There are many rolled strip steel products, including representative metal-coated sheets (including tin-plated sheets, galvanized sheets, etc.), deep-drawn sheets (the most automotive steel sheets), electrical silicon steel sheets, stainless steel and laminated steel sheets. Now, it also promotes the development of cold rolling mill equipment technology and control technology to a higher direction.

Rolling mill machines

The structural features of Rolling mill machines are as follows:

1. The three-roller work stand is used, the main motor is irreversible, and the middle upper roll and the middle lower roll pass through the steel alternately to achieve multiple rolling.
2. Since the rotation and speed of the rollers are irreversible, the low-cost high-speed AC main motor can be equipped with a reducer and a gear seat in the transmission. Considering that the rolling piece of the first seat is shorter, the number of rolling is more, and the load is very uneven, in order to balance the load of the motor and reduce the capacity of the motor, a flywheel is added between the reducer and the motor.
3. Most 300-section steel rolling mills require billeting and rolling, and have the feature of one machine for multiple purposes. Therefore, the rolling mill urgently needs stronger capacity and rigidity. In addition, the ease of changing the rolls in the mill structure needs to be considered since the varieties often need to be changed.
4. The position is convenient for changing rollers, and the three rollers are all connected by plum blossom joints or universal joints.
Since the development of Rolling mill machines, many industrial products on the market have been produced directly or indirectly. The future development of rolling mills is to substantially eliminate labor costs in rolling mill production. We only know that steel is produced by steel mills. In fact, the rolling mill is the most critical equipment of the iron and steel enterprise. Rolling mills now facilitate the development of many industries, not limited to construction, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace, civil products, and more.