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Common bar production line


Common bar production line

2018/04/20 18:19
  The products are common wire rod of Φ5.5-Φ10mm,and steel grade is general carbon steel, high quality carbon steel, low alloy steel. The size of billet is 150×150×6000mm (or less), and of 1 ton weight (or less). The maximum rolling speed is 25m/s. The annual production capacity is about200,000-300,000 tons with double strand rolling.
  The feature of common wire rod production line is double strand rolling. The main equipment of the wire rod production line includes horizontal two high openable housing mill stand of 550-280 size, disk type flying shear, dividing flying shear, water cooling box, pinch roll, laying head and loop cooling roller table, coil collection station, and semi-auto tying machine etc. The binary mandrill coil collection station and semi-auto tying machine which we developed not only satisfies the customers’ demands, but reduces the purchase cost of user as well.

  • Tandem rolling mills for wire rod

  • Two high openable housing mill with top screw down

  • Two high openable housing mill with bottom screw up

  • One to two speed reduction boxes (one motor dragging two rolling mills)

  • Disc crop flying shear


  • Laying head

  • Loose coil cooling roller table

  • Binary mandrels(coil collecting station)

  • Semi-automatic wire rod tying machine

  • Kinked head (with the binding machine)
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