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Hot strip production line


Hot strip production line

2018/04/20 18:19
   It produces strip steel and sheet steel, 125-450mm in width, 1.5-20mm in thickness. The production capacity is 200,000-800,000 tons per year. 
The main equipment of the strip production line includes 650 two-roller reversing mills, 550 two-roller mills, four-roller strip mills and vertical mills, horizontal mandrel less coiler, vertical coiler, pusher, discharger, cutting shear, transportation and packing machine.

  • Strip mills

  • Hot strip on transport line

  • Regulating cabinet
  • Control cabinet
Electrical control equipment
Jinquan group electronic factory is a high and new technology industry as the pillar, is vigorous in the development of new enterprises. Mainly engaged in AC and DC electric drive system, automatic control system and device research, design, development and production, not only can take electric engineering contracting project independently, but also can design and provide a modern complete drive equipment and advanced control system for the user, especially in dive and automation engineering of metallurgy industry, wire, bar and strip. With the annual output of more than 300 sets various control devices (cabinet), and with the excellent technology and reliable quality has won a large number of users, has gradually become the automation industry well-known enterprise.
The characteristics of drive and automation system we provide:
DC drive control system adopts Siemens 6RA70 as the core control part, and high-power thyristors that produced by imported production line as the core power part, combine with the two technology is composed of motor speed regulating device, this device can reach the international advanced level, and the price is not expensive, it can realize the optimum cost performance. The AC frequency conversion motor drive adopts Siemens, ABB, Schneider and other international brands of inverter as a core component, with characteristics of the advanced control concept, high control accuracy, energy saving. Automation system uses the PROFIBUS-DP and industrial Ethernet which are widely used in domestic and foreign. Two layers of distributed communication network system, are used to control and process management and monitoring.

  • DC drive control system

  • AC frequency conversion control cabinet

  • AC frequency conversion control cabinet

  • Automatic control system
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