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Rolling mill professional manufacturers talk about safety production measures


Rolling mill professional manufacturers talk about safety production measures

Steel Rolling Mill Machines
2022/10/08 15:17

    We know it's important to be safe wherever and whenever we are in production. So what are the safety production measures when using cold rolling mill equipment? Next, let us follow the professional rolling mill manufacturers to understand the specific content!

rolling mill machines manufacturers

   According to the introduction of professional rolling mill manufacturers, in fact, from the perspective of actual production operations, the safety production of cold rolling mills mainly includes three aspects, namely: regular maintenance, daily safety operation, and daily training management. The specific measures are as follows:

    First of all, let's understand the safety precautions that need to be paid attention to when carrying out maintenance. The professional rolling mill manufacturers believe that when overhauling the cold rolling mill, the maintenance personnel must strictly implement the system of power failure, hanging warning signs prohibiting closing and setting up special personnel to monitor. After the power is turned off, it must be confirmed that the inertial operation has been completely eliminated before starting work. Before the overhaul is completed and the trial operation is completed, it is necessary to further inspect the site to confirm that all the personnel in the mechanical parts are completely evacuated before the card can be closed. During the maintenance and test run, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to stay in the equipment to order the car.

   The second is the safety issues that need to be paid attention to during the operation. The rolling mill professional manufacturer explained that during daily operation, attention should be paid to the intact emergency braking device, and the position of the brake button must be accessible to the operator at any time within the scope of mechanical work. Moreover, each transmission part of the cold rolling mill equipment must have reliable protection devices. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the working environment on site is good, and unrelated personnel are not allowed to enter the working site.

   It is also necessary to strengthen the training and management of staff. Professional rolling mill manufacturers said that all operators must be professionally trained and passed the assessment before they can take up their jobs. During the job, it is necessary to operate carefully, strictly implement the relevant rules and regulations, use labor protection equipment correctly, and strictly prohibit unrelated personnel from starting the cold rolling mill equipment.