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Structural Adjustment in Steel Rolling Mill Machines Construction Applications


Structural Adjustment in Steel Rolling Mill Machines Construction Applications

Steel Rolling Mill Machines
2021/12/01 11:16

Automatic Steel Rolling Mill Machines do not require manual labor. The production line of Steel Rolling Mill Machines needs to be monitored by humans at the console. The conveyor roller table and shearing machine located in the automatic rolling mill must be strictly controlled during operation to avoid the occurrence of failures in stacking or jamming. If the wear of the rollers and guides exceeds the specified range, they need to be replaced. The alloy guides of Steel Rolling Mill Machines have a relatively long service life. The main reason is that the running speed of the rolling mill can be adjusted according to the actual rolling conditions. The normal rotation rate of Steel Rolling Mill Machines and the shearing machine is about 98%.

Steel Rolling Mill Machines in china

The rolling of the billet causes the roll to be instantly squeezed, and the bearing bears the corresponding pressure, which affects the size of the rolled product. Its in-depth improvement, the ultimate goal is to obtain more efficient rolling mill equipment. The automatic rolling mill is the most widely used rolling mill in the current steel rolling industry. The Steel Rolling Mill Machines system is gradually increasing the rolling efficiency due to the trial production of the rolling and conveying system.

High-speed Steel Rolling Mill Machines have similarities with conventional rolling mills, and the ultimate purpose is to obtain the required rolling stock specifications through rolling mill calendering. In the steel rolling operation, in order to improve the operating efficiency of the high-speed Steel Rolling Mill Machines, it is necessary to carry out corresponding improvement measures. The operating efficiency of Steel Rolling Mill Machines is mostly affected by unplanned shutdowns, other equipment delays, roll and bearing replacement, and other process maintenance. Therefore, to improve the operating rate of high-speed rolling mills, we need to carry out a plan. The specific operations are as follows:

1. The material of the roll should be screened according to the requirements of the rolling piece to improve the fatigue strength and service life of the roll. Check the wear of rollers and guides from time to time.

2. Steel Rolling Mill Machines reverses the injection process of bearing lubricating oil - from the original internal - external to external - internal, so as to reduce the pollution of dust to the bearing.

3. Use ultrasonic technology to inspect and analyze the rolls.

4. The dry lubricating oil point has been modified. Now the dry oil is added from the high pressure area, and the amount added is increased from every six cycles of the raw material to eleven times, and the thin oil lubrication is a cycle of 15 minutes. The cumulative effect of these changes can make Bearing temperature drops a few degrees Celsius.

In the daily steel rolling process industry, we must pay attention to daily maintenance, so as to better stabilize the work efficiency. It can greatly extend the service life of Steel Rolling Mill Machines and reduce production and maintenance costs. The usual small precautions can bring more benefits, so we need to do our usual work, so as not to be afraid of it falling off the chain at a critical moment. In the daily maintenance of Steel Rolling Mill Machines, the rolls and gears should be observed first. If there is any problem with one of the rolls and gears, it will directly affect the normal operation of Steel Rolling Mill Machines. Automatic Steel Rolling Mill Machines in the process of billet rolling, the pass design and rolling speed have been set, and the performance of the rolls, guides and linings is relatively good. Usually guide wear occurs at the inlet and outlet, and corresponding improvements have been made according to the actual steel rolling production needs.