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The high-speed rolling bar production line


The high-speed rolling bar production line

2018/04/20 18:19
  The products are high precision rod of Φ10-Φ40mm and of excellent quality. Steel type:general carbon steel, high quality carbon steel, low alloy steel, and alloy steel etc., billet size is 150×150×1200mm, and the weight of the products is 2 tons. The maximum roll speed is 35m/s and the annual capacity is about 800,000 tons. 
   The main equipment of the high-speed rolling rod production line includes horizontal or vertical housing less stand mills of 610mm-350mm size, or horizontal or vertical close housing two high mill of 550-350mm size, 45°twist free heavy duty 8 stands finishing block, crop (chopping) shear, water cooling box (TMT) device, HSD device, walking rack cooling bed, cold dividing shear, product finishing equipment, rod tying machine etc.

  • The high speed rolling rod production line

  • The high speed rolling rod production line

  • Housingless stands mill used for roughing & intermediate mills

  • Crop flying shear

  • No twist finishing block

  • On line water cooling box(TMT) device for high speed rolling bar

  • High speed disk flying shear

  • High speed pinch/braking roller

  • Walking rack cooling bed and its high speed charging device

  • 850 ton cold dividing shear

  • Product inspection conveyor

  • Fully automatic tying machine
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