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What is the role of cooling bed equipment in Steel Rolling Mill Machines


What is the role of cooling bed equipment in Steel Rolling Mill Machines

Steel Rolling Mill Machines
2022/12/02 13:50

Cooling bed equipment is a work surface for effective cooling of rolled products in the metallurgical and steel rolling industry. The cooling bed mainly includes tooth pulling type cooling bed, rack stepping cooling bed, claw type cooling bed, carrying chain cooling bed, rolling plate cooling bed and so on.

Cooling bed

Steel Rolling Mill Machines cooling bed is composed of mechanical transmission system, water cooling system, cooling bed table, fixed bracket and other aspects. Cooling bed is an important auxiliary equipment in steel rolling production. The function of the cooling bed is to cool the rolled piece above 800°C to below 150-100°C, and at the same time make the rolled piece run in a predetermined direction, and ensure that the rolled piece is not bent during transportation. Due to the wide variety of shapes of rolled products, there are various types of cooling beds in the rolling workshop.

The cooling bed of Steel Rolling Mill Machines is to convey the rolled and formed products into the cooling bed through the roller table, and then move the workpieces arranged on the cooling bed to the top of the cooling bed step by step by means of rack tooth extraction, etc., to reach the workpiece cooling effect. The cooling bed equipment is mainly used for slow and natural cooling of the bar after rolling. In the profile production line, the cooling bed also has the function of pre-bending the profile to prevent irregular bending of the profile due to the uneven quality of various parts during the natural cooling process.

Main Features of Steel Rolling Mill Machines Cooling Bed:

1. Use hydraulic lifting to slide out the stage, and drive the high-temperature roller with a chain.

2. The high-temperature-resistant movable roller is adopted on the slide-out stage to reduce the wear and tear of the roller caused by high-temperature invoicing.

3. The belt-type temperature-resistant felt is used to reduce the wear and tear of aluminum profile transmission.

4. The aluminum profile is shifted and conveyed, and the appropriate distance between the aluminum profiles is maintained