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Box structure advantage of customized Gearbox used for rolling mills


Box structure advantage of customized Gearbox used for rolling mills

three gear shaft box for rolling mill
2022/01/05 11:45

The box body is an important part of the customized Gearbox used for rolling mills. It bears the reaction force generated from the gear transmission, and must have enough rigidity to bear the force and moment, prevent deformation, and ensure the transmission quality. The design of the box is carried out according to the requirements of the layout arrangement of the power transmission, the processing and assembly conditions, and the convenience of inspection and maintenance. The reaction forces and their relative values ​​in different directions of the bearing support and the machine base support, select the appropriate support structure and wall thickness, and add the necessary reinforcing ribs. The position of the ribs must be consistent with the direction of the force causing the deformation of the box.

customized Gearbox used for rolling mills

The stress situation of the customized Gearbox used for rolling mills is very complex and unevenly distributed. Only by using modern calculation methods, such as finite element, fracture mechanics and other methods supplemented by photoelastic experiments to simulate actual working conditions, can it be calculated more accurately. The state of stress distribution. Using computer-aided design, results that are very close to the actual stress can be obtained.

In single-piece and small-batch production, a box body that is welded or a combination of welding and casting is often used. In order to reduce the deformation during machining and use and prevent cracks, annealing and aging treatment should be carried out for both casting and welding boxes to eliminate internal stress.

For ease of assembly and periodic inspection of the engagement of the customized Gearbox used for rolling mills, a viewing window shall be provided on the box. There is generally a conjoined hook next to the machine base for lifting the entire gearbox.

The customized Gearbox used for rolling mills shall also have a breather cover, oil mark or oil level indicator on the box cover. There are oil injectors and oil drain holes in the corresponding parts. There should be enough oil drain space around the oil drain hole. The gear box with forced lubrication and cooling is adopted, and the oil inlet and outlet and the installation position of the relevant hydraulic parts are set at the appropriate parts of the box body.