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What are the advantages of quality Gearbox used for rolling mills


What are the advantages of quality Gearbox used for rolling mills

three gear shaft box for rolling mill
2021/12/29 11:44

The structure of the quality Gearbox used for rolling mills is determined by the rolling process. The rod and wire rod can be divided into: large rod, small rod, wire rod, section steel, etc. MORGAN, POMINI, DANIELI models, etc.

quality Gearbox used for rolling mills

In general bar and wire rolling, H and V mills are alternately arranged, so that the workpiece can be deformed up and down, left and right in turn, and it is convenient to improve the overall mechanical properties of the material. The bars may also be all H-type mills, but at this time the mill line is generally drawn longer.

In addition, in addition to H and V type rolling mills, there are also H/V horizontal and vertical conversion rolling mills, which can determine whether the rolling form is horizontal rolling or vertical rolling according to needs.

Depending on the size, the number of rolling mill stands varies widely, from 14 to 23. The annual output of a single line of commonly used specifications and varieties is between 400 and 1.2 million tons, but in recent years, rolling lines with backward production capacity have been gradually eliminated. At the same time, new technologies such as slitting and water cooling have been widely used, which greatly improved the rolling line. capacity and product quality.
The quality Gearbox used for rolling mills generally has matching flying shears (rocker shears, rotary shears, cold shears, snap shears), pinch rollers and other related equipment.

The quality Gearbox used for rolling mills is generally spaced between vertical gearboxes and horizontal gearboxes to ensure the shape and size of the rolled products. The horizontal gearboxes are driven by parallel shafts, and the vertical gearboxes are driven by spiral bevel gears and parallel shafts. Single-input double-output or triple-output structure transmits and distributes the power of the motor to two or three rolls, and achieves the torque and speed required for rolling through the reduction ratio. In addition to fully meeting the needs of actual working conditions, the main transmission gearbox of Nanjing Jinxin bar and wire rolling mill also has the characteristics of compact structure, impact resistance and stable operation. The vertical and horizontal structure gearboxes and vertical conversion systems are reasonably customized according to the requirements of the manufacturing process.

The working characteristics of the quality Gearbox used for rolling mills are low speed, heavy load, large shock load, frequent shocks, and continuous operation.