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How hot rolling mill machines work


How hot rolling mill machines work

Steel Rolling Mill Machines
2022/07/07 11:27

Nowadays, the working range of hot rolling mill machines is to use pressure rollers with a large number of specifications to gradually reduce the wheelbase of the mirror wheel, and finally put the laminated metal blanks and coils on various types of square steel, angle steel, etc., and strongly squeeze it by Scrap iron, iron and cast iron, made from several sheets of sheet steel of varying thickness, as the initial raw material for hot rolling mill machines, the circumference of the tube is used to determine its circumference, and the dimensions are actually the sheet iron that will be used width.

hot rolling mill machines

In the cutting machine, the rolling and grouping of iron is cut off by the rotating shaft which is installed at the end of the hot rolling mill, and the wire sheet iron is extracted through the forming guide, the semi-enclosed chassis is passed through the first set of mirror rolls of the hot rolling mill machines , after being compressed by rollers in a special way, the perimeter of the original flat and thin iron sheet is rolled up with some rounded corners, a cold rolling mill is a device used to carry out the metal rolling process, it refers to a vehicle of a complete set of equipment.

hot rolling mill machines mainly include computers, auxiliary equipment, lifting and transportation equipment and the entire production process, equipment to realize the metal rolling process, it refers to the rolling of complete sets of equipment, including main equipment and auxiliary equipment, transportation equipment, lifting and auxiliary equipment The entire production process, however the so-called mill is usually just referred to as the main equipment, the rolling is alternately winding to the left or right from the upper and lower hollow rolls.

Often used as steel mills and orbital hot rolling mill machines, the mills have been replaced by high-efficiency twin-roll mills, where the work rolls have small diameters, the rolling moment is transmitted and the rolling pressure is received by the large diameter backup rolls, the advantages of this mill are relatively High rigidity, it is rolling with larger pressure, can roll thinner strip, it has reversible and continuous cold rolling, it is widely used as hot rolling mill machines or cold rolling mills and graders, plate cold rolling Rolling mills, where the rolling stock is plastically bent around small idle rolls and can coil up hard-to-deform strips of metals and alloys.