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How to improve system operation and settings of hot rolling mill machines


How to improve system operation and settings of hot rolling mill machines

Steel Rolling Mill Machines
2022/06/03 10:54

Nowadays, the production line of hot rolling mill machines is a very important processing equipment. The locking device of the bearing seat of the hot rolling mill is a traditional mechanical locking method. In recent years, the locking device of the bearing housing has been effectively updated, because the traditional equipment The mechanical lock involves a large area. It is not a simple replacement of accessories, but also a certain amount of processing to successfully complete the final transformation. The personnel and technology of processing and design ultimately determine the actual effect of the improvement.

hot rolling mill machines

Currently by changing the thread of the threaded ring, the thread is replaced by the original common point, hot rolling mill machines are used to extend the life cycle of components and equipment maintenance, the mechanical locking device is completely replaced by the hydraulic locking device, thus saving manpower and improving safety, at the same time It also greatly reduces the cost of on-site maintenance, repair and use, and its technology of hydraulic locking equipment has been well applied in production practice.

To address the resistance of the electromechanical main drive system in hot rolling mill machines, the effect of its friction and link delay, an observation of nonlinear models, an improved control technique for the main impeller in dynamic sliding mode, and extended state of the main impeller are proposed. Observe the application, calculate the value to avoid uncertain interference effects, long-term design dynamic sliding mode control and mill differences, and reduce the dynamic sliding mode, control design difficulty, stability criteria to prove the stability of the control system, simulation through the actual The application proves that the improved dynamic sliding mode method has better tracking performance and robustness.