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Types and machinery of Hot rolling mill production line in rolling mill


Types and machinery of Hot rolling mill production line in rolling mill

Gearbox used for rolling mills
2022/04/15 14:43

Production on the Hot rolling mill production line is a production process where ingots are rolled into steel. Like pig iron and steel, the production of steel plays an important role in the national economy. From the point of view of the rolling process and workshop, the types and mechanical equipment of the rolling workshop are divided into the following categories.

Hot rolling mill production line

1. Types of rolling mills

Billet workshop: According to the weight of the rolled ingot and the variety of the billet, the billet workshop can be divided into a blooming workshop, a slab workshop and a billet workshop.

The blooming workshop: mainly produces billets and slabs with a width of less than 1500 mm, and the rolled ingots weigh 1.2 to 16 tons.

Slab workshop: It mainly produces slabs with larger width, and the weight of rolled ingots is 6.5~32 tons.

Billeting workshop: mainly produces small and medium-sized billets and thin slabs, and the rolled steel ingots weigh less than 1.5 tons.

Finished steel rolling workshop; according to the variety of finished products, finished steel rolling workshop can be divided into section steel workshop, hot-rolled steel plate workshop, cold-rolled steel plate workshop, seamless steel pipe workshop, and workshops that produce some blanks or parts.

2. Mechanical equipment of rolling workshop

In steel rolling production, in addition to the main process of rolling the rolling stock on the Hot rolling mill production line, it also includes a series of auxiliary processes, so a large number and variety of machinery and equipment are required. The weight of machinery and equipment in a rolling workshop often reaches thousands to tens of thousands of tons.

Hot rolling mill production line equipment is divided into two categories: main equipment and auxiliary equipment.

The main equipment is the equipment for the rolling stock to realize the rolling plastic deformation, which is generally called the main engine or the main engine train. It also includes one or several working stands and their transmission devices.

Auxiliary equipment refers to various equipment other than the host, used to complete other series of auxiliary processes. The number and types of auxiliary equipment are large, and the higher the degree of mechanization of sword holding, the greater the weight of auxiliary equipment in the total amount of mechanical equipment in the workshop.

Therefore, the auxiliary equipment of the hot rolling mill production line in the steel rolling workshop has a great impact on the product variety and quality, as well as the productivity, mechanization and automation of the workshop, and is of great significance for improving the working conditions of workers.