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Rolls and structure of the Rolling mill production line


Rolls and structure of the Rolling mill production line

Gearbox used for rolling mills
2022/04/08 14:41

The roll is the primary part of the Rolling mill production line and plays a very important role in the rolling mill. There are also two types of rolling mills, that is, plate rolling mill rolls and section steel rolling mill rolls.

Rolling mill production line
The roll body of the Rolling mill production line roll is cylindrical, and sometimes the roll body of the hot-rolled plate roll is concave, which can maintain a good shape when heated and expanded; the roll body of the cold-rolled plate mill roll is slightly convex, when it is When bending under force, it can ensure a good shape. There are rolling grooves on the roll body of the section steel rolling mill, and the pass type and size are arranged according to the requirements of the section steel rolling process.

The roll body, roll neck and shaft head of the roll are composed of three parts. The roll neck is installed in the bearing, and the rolling force is transmitted to the stand through the bearing seat and the pressing device. The coupling shaft of the shaft head is connected to transmit the rolling torque.

There are three main types of shaft heads: quincunx head, directional head, keyway or cylindrical head. Practice has proved that the keyway wall is easy to crack during the use of the shaft head with double keyway. At present, the shaft head with platform which is easy to process is commonly used.

Cold-rolled rolls with a diameter of more than 400 mm are mostly bored with a &70~&250 hole in the center after tempering. In this way, on the one hand, the internal stress distribution of the roll after heat treatment can be made uniform, and on the other hand, when the surface of the roll is quenched, the roll can be cooled with water to improve the quenching effect.

Therefore, the use of the roll is very large, and it should be used with caution when using the Rolling mill production line, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble.