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Turn key service for steel bar rolling mill production line


Turn key service for steel bar rolling mill production line

Product description

Jinquan Offer Turn key service for steel bar rolling mill production line 

Jinquan design the steel hot rolling mill rebar rolling mill production line accroding to customer's capacity and land size, and we produce and offer the whole line equipments for customer.  With the rich experience that we have built 1100 rolling mill line for our steel plants customers.

For capacity below the 200,000t per year, we normally use the three high rolling mill machines as breakdown mill, but for big capacity like 800,000t per year, we will design customers using housingless mill stands. 

The advantages of the short stress rolling mill are:

(1) The high rigidity of the short-stress rolling mill ensures the high precision of the product and is easy to realize negative deviation rolling.
(2) The short-stress rolling mill can realize symmetrical adjustment. This is of great significance for stable operation, improving work efficiency, saving time for maintenance and replacement of guide and protective beams, reducing operation accidents, avoiding process accidents such as elbows, impacts and rolls, and improving guidance and protection life.
(3) Because the short-stress rolling mill changes the force transmission path and changes the concentrated load of the screw into a distributed load dispersed on both sides of the bearing housing, the bearing and the bearing housing are subjected to better stress, and the bearing life is longer than that of the ordinary rolling mill. long. More than 5 times, thereby reducing product costs.
(4) The roll system of the short-stress rolling mill is pre-installed and adjusted before the roll is changed, and the new roll system can be replaced about 10 minutes after shutdown. After the adjusted new roll system rolls one or two kinds of steel, the product can be guaranteed to be qualified. Therefore, the short-stress rolling mill has good pre-adjustment performance, quick roll change and high output.

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