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Steel Rolling Mill Machines lubrication requirements


Steel Rolling Mill Machines lubrication requirements

Steel Rolling Mill Machines
2021/04/21 15:14

The lubrication of Steel Rolling Mill Machines has many special problems, especially modern large-scale complete sets of equipment, which have a high degree of automation, need to withstand heavy loads with impact, high working temperature and high moving speed, and some open-air operation equipment operates under harsh environmental conditions It has dusty, wet work and is prone to corrosion, which puts forward higher requirements on the lubrication of Steel Rolling Mill Machines.

Steel Rolling Mill Machines

The main equipment of Steel Rolling Mill Machines includes the working base of the rolling mill, universal joint shaft and its balancing device, gear base, main coupling, reducer, motor coupling and electric motor, as well as front and rear coilers, decoilers, etc. 

Steel Rolling Mill Machines' requirements for lubrication:

Dry oil lubrication: such as the input roller table, pusher, discharger, vertical roll, stand, rolling mill roller table, rolling mill work roll, rolling mill reduction device, universal joint shaft and bracket of the furnace in the hot strip continuous rolling mill, The head cutter, looper, guide plate, output roller table, tumbling machine, coiling machine, washing machine, spindle turning machine, shearing machine, disc cutter, edge crusher, plate stacker, etc. are all lubricated with dry oil.

Thin oil circulating lubrication: such as strip cooling and lubricating emulsion system and oil feeding system decoiler, five frames, feed roller, rolling shear, guide roller, steering roller and coiler, gear shaft, leveler, etc. Equipment lubrication; oil film bearing system of each frame, etc.

The bearings of high-speed and high-precision rolling mills are lubricated with oil mist and oil and gas.

Steel Rolling Mill Machines process lubrication and cooling common media

In the rolling process, in order to reduce the friction between the roll and the rolled material, reduce the rolling force and power consumption, make the rolled material easy to extend, control the rolling temperature, and improve the quality of the rolled product, it must be in contact between the roll and the rolled material. Process lubricating cooling medium is added between the surfaces.

The basic requirements for the lubrication and cooling medium of the Steel Rolling Mill Machines process are: ① proper oiliness; ② good cooling capacity; ③ good oxidation stability, rust resistance and physical and chemical stability; ④ good filtering performance; ⑤ The surface of the product has a good washing and cleaning effect; ⑥ Good annealing performance for cold-rolled strip steel; ⑦ Does not harm human health; ⑧ Easy to obtain oil source, low cost.