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The difference between Steel hot rolling mill machines and cold rolling mills


The difference between Steel hot rolling mill machines and cold rolling mills

Steel Rolling Mill Machines
2021/04/28 17:09

Steel hot rolling mill machines use billet as the raw material, after heating, then the rough extruder and the fine extruder are used to make hot-rolled strip steel. The hot steel chain from the last precision extruder is cooled to the set temperature according to the laminar flow, and is cold rolled into steel strip coils according to the coiler. The refrigerated steel chain coils are produced and processed according to different casting and rolling lines. According to the different requirements of customers, it becomes a product of thick steel plate, flat waterproof coil, and longitudinal steel chain. Simply put, after the slab is heated (the hot red steel block burned in the TV), it goes through several cold rolling mills and then refurbished and calibrated into thick steel plates. These are called Steel hot rolling mill machines.

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Steel hot rolling mill machines Coil: Using hot-rolled coil as raw material, it undergoes cold tandem rolling, is pickled and passivated to remove oxide scale, and processed into chilled coil. Continuous cold forming and cold hardening can increase the compressive strength and strength of cold-rolled hard coils, reduce their plasticity and plasticity index, thereby reducing the performance of the stamping die. It is only suitable for simple forming parts. Since the hot-dip galvanizing unit is equipped with an annealing line zero line, the steel hot rolling mill machines can be used as raw materials for the hot-dip galvanizing plant. At room temperature, the steel coils that have been pickled and passivated by Steel hot rolling mill machines pass through a cold rolling mill at room temperature, and their net weight is generally 6 to 13.5 tons. And the inner diameter is 610mm.

In short, the cold rolling machine is based on hot rolled coils. Generally speaking, it is a process of hot rolling-pickling passivation-cold rolling.

Cold rolling is carried out by hot-rolled steel at room temperature. Although the temperature of the thick steel plate will rise during the production process, it is still called a cold rolling machine. Because of the cold rolling of the hot rolling machine after continuous cold deformation, the physical properties are poor and the strength is too high. The physical properties can be repaired only by quenching, and the ones that are not quenched are called cold rolling mill hard coils. Cold rolled hard coils are generally used to make products that are not bent or stretched, and those with a thickness below 1.0 are double-sided or four-sided bent. Good luck.

1. The cold rolling machine is carried out with hot rolled steel at room temperature.

2. After the slab is heated, it goes through a cold rolling mill for many times, and then it is refurbished and calibrated into a thick steel plate, which is called a cold rolling machine.