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What are the strict requirements during the use of the rolling mill


What are the strict requirements during the use of the rolling mill

Steel Rolling Mill Machines
2022/10/28 15:22

The main use of rolling mills still depends on the production and development of the times. Only with continuous technological innovation can effective rolling mills be used better. The rolling mills have been effectively used in the rapid development of science and technology, which also promotes rolling mills in production and application. There has been good progress, and the rolling mill has the following strict requirements in terms of use.

china Steel Rolling Mill Machines
Under normal circumstances, the speed regulation range of the rolling mill must be wide, and it should be continuously adjusted continuously. If it is a 300mm five-stand rolling mill, the main range of the entire speed regulation should be from 0.3m/s to 4.3m/s. and the entire coverage rate should reach about 4.3/0.3=14. It is required that the speed of each rack can be independently started, braked and operated in the forward and reverse directions. The main thing is that it can be combined to complete the starting and braking.
In order to effectively reduce the loss of the strip at the head and tail, it is required that the time for starting and braking of the rolling mill should be minimized. If it must be accelerated, the entire time should not be greater than 13s, and the deceleration time should not be greater than 15s. Even if It is a fast reduction time and cannot be greater than 10s. In the event of an emergency, emergency braking must be performed first, and each rack must be shut down at the same speed. Under normal circumstances, the downtime should not exceed 3s. The more stringent requirements of rolling mills are also extended with the development of technology.