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630 550 520 450 400 365 three gear shaft box for rolling mill


630 550 520 450 400 365 three gear shaft box for rolling mill

Product description

Matching equipment with three-high billet rolling mill, one input end and three output ends, speed ratio 1:1, composed of steel plate welded box, herringbone cylindrical gear shaft, rolling bearing, etc. Specifications: 630, 550, 520, 450, 400, 365; Power distribution box is a distribution system that provides power for communication racks. In order to ensure uninterrupted communication, it is divided into two groups of power input, and each group has its own capacity. The output is also divided into two groups, and the work places are also allocated, with multiple output terminals corresponding to the output.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the continuous development of country’s economy and the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology, the demand for steel products has increased, and the requirements for steel quality have also become higher and higher. New requirements. Many metallurgical machinery equipment manufacturer companies have improved their production equipment technology, and researched and developed new types of steel rolling machinery, in order to increase rolling mill line output, improve steel quality, and reduce steel production costs. Fuzhou Jinquan Metallurgical Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was born under this background. It is a comprehensive enterprise group featuring project investment, metallurgical equipment design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, general equipment manufacturing, and general contracting of metallurgical engineering projects.

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