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Continuous casting machine manufacturer

Product description

Sets of continuous steel casting machine:


The bow radiuses of bow type continuous caster of square billet are from 4m to 16m.

Main technologies of the machine:

High precisionmould with stainless water jacket;

Optimized second cooling spray system, full-automatic water distribution;

All water-cooled hot billet straightening;

Hot billet delivery system;

High precision four connecting rod vibrating device;

Inverted cooling bed with hydraulic stepping mechanism;


The bows of round billlet and slab caster in straight-bow arrangement are from 4m to 7m.

Main technologies of the machine:

Heavy duty hydraulic up / down Steel ladle turning table;

High precision four connecting rod vibrating device;

High precision hydraulic up and down segment section;

Seven-rollers slab straightening machine;

Automatic water distribution of atomized second cooling water;

Surface temperature measurement of casting billet;

Excellent dummy bar deposited system;

Automatic control casting of the tundish stopper rod;


We can provide specially designed caster and fitted workshop according to the customers’ steelmaking and the product mix, due to the huge differences between intermediate frequency furnace, arc furnace, and converter steelmaking.

Scope of supply:

Norms: Equipment of billet or slab caster, R4m-R16m;

Strands: One machine one strand to eight machines eight strands;

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