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Crank connecting rod type crop flying shear for rolling mill line


Crank connecting rod type crop flying shear for rolling mill line

Product description

Widely used in rebar and wire rod production line in roughing and midle rolling process for rolled piece crop/chopping. Structure: plate shape blade/crank connecting rod transmission mechanism / gear reducer distributer/driving motor/ electric control device

Crank flying shear in production line. Both can cut head, tail, and chopping the rolled piece under fault condition.

Jinquan offer complete rolling mill production line, we also provide technical consultation and other service guarantees according to user needs (production process and site conditions):
General layout and detailed process equipment layout, production process technology;
On-site equipment installation guidance or contracting;
Technical guidance or contracting of production line debugging;
User staff technical training;
In the large amount of supply performance of Jinquan Group, we flexibly optimize, combine and design rolling mill models, online heat treatment equipment, finishing equipment, etc. according to users' requirements for product accuracy, mechanical performance, and capacity Produce a production line with small investment, strong market competitiveness, and easy operation and maintenance. The more than one hundred production lines we have manufactured are creating good economic benefits for the owners throughout the country and around the world. We look forward to cooperating with more new customers and creating value-added products and benefits for you.



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