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steel plate welded hard teeth union gear reducer supplier used for rolling mill


steel plate welded hard teeth union gear reducer supplier used for rolling mill

Product description

Jinquan produce gear box/ gear reducer which is used for hot rolling mill machines.

General introduction for gear reducer, for driving of horizontal and vertical rolling mill machines; Reducer case is made by steel plate welded by eliminate the welding stress, and all gears material are hard tooth surface gear, they are all treated by carburizing and quenching, the tooth surface hardness is HRC57-61, for the precision of the gear is China national standard class 6;  material is high quality alloy steel. Lubrication method is concentrated oil lubrication.

Jinquan produce and offer best quality products for steel plants, and with more than 30 years development, now we have rich and professional experiences for our steel plants customers, and we have faith that we will have a successful and friendly business relationship.

Gear reducer can be used for wire rod rolling mill production line, rebar rolling mill line,  section steel hot rolling mill line, and strip hot rolling mill production line, and we can also produce gear reducer according to customers' drawing (non-standard), and offer complete and trustworthy after-sales services.


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