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Crank dividing flying shear for wire rod mill

Product description

Widely used in rebar and rod production line in finishing rolling process for small size rolled piece dividing. Structure: plate shape blade/crank blade arm / gear reducer distributer/driving motor/ electric control device

Jinquan is a manufacturer for rolling mill machines, like monoblock mill.

In modern wire rod production line, a more common high-speed wire rod finishing mill is used to meet people's requirements for product size and ensure wire rod output. For small-size wire products, the rolling speed can even be as high as about 110m/s to ensure the wire rod output. Because the early high-speed wire rod rolling process cannot resolve the bite movement and downhill problem, in order to achieve stable production, the current modular rolling mills are all For centralized transmission.

Compared with the centralized transmission, the structure of the modular rolling mill is greatly simplified, and the structure is simple and compact, which is beneficial to improve the stability of the high-speed operation of the transmission train, and has strong process adaptability. It realizes a variety of new rolling technologies and greatly reduces the manufacturing cost and inventory cost. In the small and medium-sized steel rolling technology, in order to better meet the rolling requirements, it is necessary to timely adopt the technical equipment of advanced models such as the module rolling mill.

With the acceleration of the structural adjustment of the domestic steel industry and the intensification of competition in the international steel market, the world environment requires the steel industry to call for energy saving and emission reduction. The development trend of modular rolling mills is moving towards high efficiency, high quality, high precision, high quality and continuity. , Short process, intelligent, energy saving and environmental protection.

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