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High accuracy Drum gear cardan universal shaft coupling


High accuracy Drum gear cardan universal shaft coupling

Product description

Used for rolling mill machines. Specifications: 490/435/390/315/290/265, structure: connecting flange/drum gear coupling/telescopic spline shaft/drum gear coupling/connecting flange.

Jinquan already offered 1100 steel plants with our steel hot rolling mill machines. The safe operation of the rolling mill mainly has the following points to be noted:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the inlet and outlet valves of each pump at the emulsification station at will;

  2. After the pump is installed, it is strictly forbidden to open it without authorization by the equipment personnel;

  3. When adding rolling oil, care should be taken to avoid overflow and damage to the pipeline;

  4. When attaching the belt, back the thickness gauge to avoid injury;

  5. When the steel strip is pulled after the rolling mill is broken, someone should be supervised to avoid straining the roller system in the rolling mill;

  6. When replacing the intermediate roll and the drawing roll box, the oil cylinder in the rolling mill must be retracted to the original position, and the roll changing cylinder must be carefully protected;

  7. When changing the rollers, do not drive the changing car too far forward, so as not to damage the roller changing rollers.

  8. The track of the hydraulic trolley should be kept clean to avoid falling into debris and blocking the trolley.

  9. It is forbidden to move the anti-skid plate under the trolley at will, and clean the sundries that fall into it in time to avoid scratching the oil pipe and the guiding cylinder;

  10. When the strip steel flicks, the output should be reduced to avoid the impact of the steel strip on the equipment;

       11. The leading material and tail that have been cut by the scissors should be cleared out in time to prevent damage to the cylinder tubing;

  12. When changing the middle roller, the gasket on the upper roller box must be moved to the sides of the roller box to avoid damage to the high-pressure oil pipe;

  13. When changing the work roll, it is strictly forbidden to hit the work roll with the backstop door to prevent damage to the backstop door bearing;

  14. When starting rolling, it is strictly forbidden to use the right roll pinch roller to build up to avoid hydraulic motor leakage, roll surface wear, and shaft fracture;

  15. If the machine needs to be shut down during the unwinding process or when the unwinding is finished, the tension must be removed to prevent accidents caused by the speeding up of the belt.


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