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Drum cardan roller universal shaft spindle coupling

Product description

Used for rolling mills. Specifications: 490/435/390/315/290/265, structure: connecting flange/drum roller coupling/telescopic spline shaft/drum roller coupling/connecting flange.

Jinquan offer steel rolling mill machines for steel plants.

In the modern steel industry, steel rolling mills, occupies a vital position in the national economic system. Everyone knows that the role of steel in the national economic system is of vital importance, and in the total steel production, very few castings are made by methods such as casting, although some steels are not directly made by casting. It is produced in the steel workshop, but the billet is also provided by the rolling mill workshop. The remaining 90% of the steel is rolled by equipment.

      At present, the emergence and development of steel rolling mills have gone through hundreds of years. With the continuous development and innovation of science and technology, equipment has begun to continuously improve equipment technology in order to better meet all the needs of the market and users. In order to allow the development of the enterprise and enter a new level of development, so that my country's rolling mills can achieve better development achievements.

      In the past 20 years, the production process of strip mills and wire rod mills has been continuously improved, and the rolling speed of various equipment has been continuously improved, which has created conditions for increasing the speed of the production line. Nowadays, the cold rolling line speed of the strip rolling mill reaches 41 meters per second, the cold rolling line speed of the strip rolling mill reaches 41 meters per second, and the steel tube tension reduction speed reaches 20 meters per second. With the development of intelligence and automation, the speed of various production lines is still improving. The further improvement of the automation of the production process is not only an important indicator of the production capacity of the high rolling mill, but also an important prerequisite for improving product quality and energy saving. Therefore, as long as we work hard and innovate, move forward in the direction of automation and intelligence, and constantly improve the performance and functions of the equipment, so that my country's rolling mills can continue to grow their production scale through continuous progress, which will help enterprises in the future. The development has created broad prospects for development.

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