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350 400 450 550 two high closed housing mill

Product description

Close mill housing consists of two pieces of whole hot rolling steel plate that is macined in window shape, it has the advantages of high stiffness, easy to change roller assembly etc, and they are widely used in small and medium-sized production line; Two-high close housing mill stand consist of: mill stand body, movable mill stand base frame and its locking mechanism, universal joint shaft, shaft bracket, unoin gear recucer, main drive motor, rolling line move/fix mechanism, roll changing device, etc; Mill train can be arranged by horizontal or vertical layout for twist free rolling. Mill body is mainly consist of: Close mill housing made by hot rolled steel plate cutting forming, mill roller system, screwdown device, etc;According to roll specifications different, mill stand body is divided into 550, 450, 400, 350 specifications;

Jinquan is an expert at producing hot rolling mill machines.

Rolling mills are divided into semi-finished products and finished products according to their uses. Semi-finished equipment includes: various pre-rolling mills, continuous billet rolling mills, and small and medium-sized open rolling mills. The finished equipment includes: steel plate rolling mill, steel tube rolling mill, section steel rolling mill and special purpose rolling mill. According to the layout form, it is divided into: single-stand rolling mill, semi-continuous rolling mill, continuous rolling mill, horizontal rolling mill, tandem rolling mill, cross-country rolling mill, and chess type rolling mill. There are seven types. According to the number of rolls, it is divided into five types: two-roller, three-roller, four-roller, multi-roller, and universal. Compared with the hot rolling process, the cold rolling process of the rolling mill is relatively scattered. It is a steel coil sent through a hot rolling mill. It must undergo three consecutive technical treatments before being sent to the cold rolling mill. According to the various requirements of users to process, so as to produce a variety of different quality products. The cold-rolled products of the rolling mill mainly include ordinary cold-rolled sheets, coated sheets, that is, tin-plated sheets, galvanized sheets and color-coated sheets. 

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