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Electrical Panels and Automation Used for Rolling Mill Production Line


Electrical Panels and Automation Used for Rolling Mill Production Line

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JQ group electronic control branch factory is a new type enterprise which takes the high-tech industry as the pillar and is developing vigorously. Mainly engaged in AC/DC electric drive system, automation control system and its equipment research, design, development and production, the company not only can undertake electric system general contracting projects independently, but also can design advanced control system and provide a complete set of modern electronic control devices for customers, especially work on driving system and automation for bars, wire-rod, strip production line and continuous casting and rolling automation of complete engineering of metallurgical industry. The company has a group of excellent engineers and technicians for electric drive and automation design and development and site service of construction and debugging. They can provide customers with a variety of automation and drive system mature design and system integration. With annual output of more than 300 sets of eletric control equipment (control cabinet), the company has won numerous users with excellent technology and reliable quality. The company's engineering projects spread all over the country, and exported to southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other regions in batches, and becoming a well-known enterprise in the automation industry gradually. Our philosophy is: To bring the maximum benefit for the customer with our first-class quality, rigorous design, excellent service.


Features of our driving and automation system

DC drive control system adopts Siemens 6RA70 / DCM80 as the core part of adjustment, and high-power thyristor as the power core part that produced with imported production lines, both jointly consist of the motor speed control device by reliable grafting technology, such a device can achieve the world advanced level, and the price is not expensive, has the very high performance/cost ratio. The control system of the current inner ring and the speed outer ring is double-closed by the Siemens full digital control chip. The control system also has the functions of speed regulation feedforward (pre-control), armature current regulation and excitation current regulation, so as to ensure that the control system has the same dynamic performance when the current is discontinuous and continuous, field-weakening and not weakening. The 6RA70/DCM80 control system also has self-optimization and self-diagnosis functions, which greatly reduces the work intensity of debugging and field maintenance personnel.

AC frequency conversion motor drive with Siemens, ABB, Schneider and other international famous brand inverter as the core element, with advanced control concepts, by various digital processing technologies such as PWM control, vector control and direct torque control, it can perfectly solve various industrial production in the transmission demand. Whether it is a rolling mill, various roller table, chain conveyors, pinch roll or the compound drive of continuous casting and rolling metallurgy equipment, the corresponding solutions can be realized according to the technological requirements.

Automation system adopts Siemens S7-300/400 and TIA PROTAL - 1500 high performance PLC that current widely used at home and abroad of as the master station system. Communication through PLC integrated PROFIBUS-DP network and field remote I/O station and AC/DC speed control system. Communicate with the host computer through Industrial Ethernet. The distributed communication network system is composed of two layers, which are used for field control and process management and monitoring respectively. In this way, maximum interoperability can be achieved - including controller, HMI (Human Machine Interface), AC/DC drive system, process control system, company management. To improve the transparency of production management and improve production efficiency.

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