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Transfer Driving roller table used for rolling mills


Transfer Driving roller table used for rolling mills

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Product description

It is mainly used for rolling mill production line material transportation.According to use can be divided into billet transporting roller table, head-off roller table,finished product transfer roller table, etc., according to the transmission can be divided into single drive roller table, group drive roller table, according to the cooling form can be divided into inner water colling roller table, outer water cooling roller table, etc.;

Jinquan Group has established an efficient and professional service system for hundreds of steel plants users around the world. Our group customizes the best solutions for customers and provides the best quality equipment products according to their needs and actual conditions for steel hot rolling mill production line. It is responsible for the installation, commissioning, and production guarantee of the complete production line equipment of metallurgical machinery, and implements tracking services for products to ensure The supply of spare parts provides timely and efficient service guarantee for global customers.
(1) The customer communicates with our professional staff to understand the customer's needs.
(2) Technical personnel go to the user site to plan the site and provide the best solution.
(3) Optimal design of hardware equipment according to customer needs;
On sale:
(1) Provide products of the best quality, and both parties conduct product acceptance;
(2) Provide customers with a list of spare parts;
(3) Assist customers in drawing up the best construction plan on site.
After sale:
(1) Assign professional engineering personnel to arrive on-site to guide installation and commissioning;
(2) Long-term real-time tracking of users' on-site equipment usage, and provide users with timely and effective lifetime after-sales service.
We are always committed to providing customers with the best quality service, and we will strive to provide customers with better services for offering complete steel hot rolling mill production line.

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