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Four-strand Pinch roll for ordinary wire rod rolling mill production line


Four-strand Pinch roll for ordinary wire rod rolling mill production line

Product description

It is used for The cooling bed entrance for ordinary double rolling bar production line. It consistes of steel plate welding housing, four pairs of pinch roll, two motor and drive belt and pulley.


For the steel hot rolling mill production line Jinquan offer: Customize and design mature production lines according to the special needs of users:
High-speed wire-high-precision bar composite production line-can produce high-speed wire, high-precision bar round steel, hot-rolled ribbed steel bar, flexible production varieties can be arranged according to market demand, the annual output can reach more than 800,000 tons.
Ordinary rod-line composite production line-can produce ordinary rods, wire rods, hot-rolled ribbed steel bars and wire rods, and can flexibly arrange production varieties according to market demand.
Bar-shaped steel composite production line-can produce bars, round steel, as well as I-beam, angle steel, channel steel, flat steel. Strong ability to adapt to the market.
Strip steel-wire compound production line-can produce strip steel width 140-240mm, thickness 2.0-3.5mm; wire rod φ6.5-φ10. Steel types: plain carbon steel, high-quality carbon steel, low-alloy steel, etc.; annual output is 200,000 tons.
Spring flat steel-bar production line-can produce spring flat steel (50-130)×(5-35), representative steel type: 65Mn; hot-rolled ribbed steel bar φ10—φ14, representative steel type: 20MnSi
Special alloy steel production line——special steel bar production line designed according to the characteristics of alloy steel rolling. The specifications and output can be flexibly organized.
Rolling mills, reducers, various cooling beds, finishing equipment, roller tables, etc. used in various production lines are all designed by the Group and manufactured in its own high-quality equipment manufacturing plant. Our rolling mills: short-stress line rolling mills, closed-end high-rigidity two-high rolling mills, three-high open-end rolling mills, open-end two-high rolling mills, and closed-end two-high rolling mills have been put on the market and accumulated more than 1,000 units, and we have also developed them for rolling Universal rolling mill for H-beam. The steel stepping rack cooling bed on the skirt plate, the steel stepping rack cooling bed on the running trough, the chain cooling bed, the push-pull cooling bed, etc., which are matched with various production lines, have simple structure, reliable operation and cost Low characteristics. Affirmed by users at home and abroad.



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