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High Quality rolling bearing mix gear reducer for rolling mill


High Quality rolling bearing mix gear reducer for rolling mill

Product description

Used for horizontal openable housing mill drive for one motor variable speed drive two mill stand, speed ratio range for single-stage ordinaryly i < 7, secondary i = 7.1 ~ 50. Reducer case is made by steel plate welded by eliminate the welding stress, and all gears are middle hard tooth surface gear,the gear material generally made by 40Cr after quenching and tempering, the precision of the gear is China national standard class 7-8; Using rolling bearing, centralized lubrication system. Specifications: 90,80,70,60,50, etc.



Description of gear reducer for mill stand

We have two kinds of gear reducer: the one is hard tooth gear reducer, and the other is middle hardened tooth gear reducer;

For hard tooth gear reducer:

The housing is of the steel plate welded structure. Gear made of high

quality steel, carburized, quenched and grinding and other processing,

Accuracy precision reached to grade 6. Gear teeth are hardened, carburized, hardness is HRC58-62. The shaft seals are labyrinth type and add a return oil pan to prevent oil spills. Gear reducer lubricated by a centralized lubrication system. High speed shaft with SKF bearings, and other shafts with China famous brand bearings.


For middle hardened tooth gear reducer:

Case is welded steel structure; the pinion shaft is 42CrMo forging or using forged 40Cr after quenching-tempering, the accuracy is grade 8. The large gear of ZG45 is machining after heat treatment processing. Bearing come from domestic well-known brands product. Gearbox adopt centralized oil lubrication. Customers just tell me the detail data of

the reducer that you need, such as for which size mill stand, Power of

driving motor, speed ratio of reducer etc., then we will provide solutions upon receiving your messages.

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