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Walking rack cooling bed for rebar rolling mill production line


Walking rack cooling bed for rebar rolling mill production line

Product description

It is a cooling equipment that used for cooling of hot small section rod or small profile steel by air flow or forced ventilation. Suitable for rolling speed is ≤ 18 m/s wire rod or profile steel rolling mill, sizes are bar 8-60 mm or Max.size less than 120 profile steel; manufacture cost is higher than four slot charging walking rack cooling bed. Main composition: lifting apron board and charging roller tabe/straightening plates/walking rack conveyor/aligning roller table/collecting bench /output roller table .


We are Steel hot rolling mill machines designing&manufacturing, and offer EPC service for rebar rolling line, wire rod rolling line, section steel rolling line, strip steel rolling line.

Our characteristics

Research and Development

We have our own R&D department, which can develop and design products independently at the market’s request.


Staffed with advanced and efficient technology and equipment, we are able to manufacture and assemble all the products independently, which ensures the good quality and JIT delivery.

After-sales Service

Our effective and professional after-sales service team offers the installation and commissioning of the equipment for the complete production line. The unique product-tracking mode of our after-sales service guarantees the smooth and continuous usage of the products.

High-quality Products and Service VS Low Price

Since we have been dedicated to raising our professional level, improving our work efficiency and reducing our production costs, the products and services that we provide are of high quality while at low price.

Building Ace Enterprise, Nurturing Classical Jinquan

We are committed to technological innovation, create value for customers.

We are committed to the development of a win-win situation, providing solutions for customers in many fields.

We are committed to honesty, to provide high-quality equipment has excellent performance and high reliability for customers.

We are committed to customer service, to provide fast and efficient professional services.

We are committed to continuously promote the iron and steel industry technological progress, improve product quality, improve the efficiency of the equipment and production operation safety, and reduce the impact on the environment.

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