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Rolling Mill Manufacturer for Two high openable housing mill with top screw down


Rolling Mill Manufacturer for Two high openable housing mill with top screw down

Product description

Rolling mill machine is a machine that plastically deforms the rolled pieces. It is the actuator in the entire rolling process. Compared with the ordinary two high rolling mill with down adjusting device, the top adjusting rolling mill is highly praised by customers,because of its smooth rolling and small bouncing value and improve product quality. Especially when used for common rebar mill from KI-K4, it is beneficial to improve the accuracy of the finished product. Because screw down device of top adjustment two high rolling mill is manual,adjustment speed of screw down is slow, so not recommend to change the rolled product size frequently during rolling using top adjustment two high rolling mill.In general, the rolling mill consists of rollers, roller bearings, roller adjustment mechanisms, roller balancing devices, housing and other components.


Roller : a component that plastically deforms the metal .

      2. Roller bearing  :Support the rollers and maintain the fixed position of the rollers in the housing. the workload of roller bearing is heavy and varies greatly, so the bearing friction coefficient is required to be small, has sufficient strength and rigidity, and require that it is convenient to replace the roller.

      3. Rolling mill housing  :Comprised of two “housing” to install the roller bearing seat and roller adjustment devices, which need to have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the rolling force.

        4. roller adjusting device  :It is used to adjust the roller gap so that the rolled piece reaches the required section size, and the top adjustment device of the top adjusting two high rolling mill is also called the "Screw down device"

        5. Upper roller balancing device  :A device for lifting the upper roller and preventing the impact of the rolled piece from entering and exiting the roller.

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