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Super useful eight roller of straightening machine for section mill


Super useful eight roller of straightening machine for section mill

Product description

Eight parallel staggered roll used for mangling.Main mangling plate specification: 500 ~ 800mm wide, thick 3 ~ 25mm.

Straightening machines is used for section mill.

Jinquan produces kinds of steel hot rolling mill machines, like two high rolling mill, three high rolling mill, short stress mill/housingless mill, universal mill, etc..

In recent years, in the mechanical wire rod industry in the metallurgical industry, short-stress rolling mills have the characteristics of low investment, quick results, easy installation, debugging, convenient operation, reduced waste rolling, and light weight, especially the "quick wire change mill" function , Has been widely welcomed in China, and the order volume has increased. With the development of the steel industry and the continuous improvement of the market's requirements for the required steel quality, short-stress rolling mills have become the dominant type of steel rolling operations in domestic bar and wire mills.

      Short-stress rolling mills can be roughly divided into rack type and frame type. The structure can be divided into four parts: compression mechanism, box (coil), tie rod and base. The rolling force forms a closed loop through the internal stress of the rollers, roller bearing rods and other stressed components. Its base and reduction mechanism are not subject to rolling force, and the stress line is shorter than that of ordinary rolling mills, which improves the strength of the rolling mill and reduces the elastic deformation of the rolling mill, so it is called "short stress line rolling mill". The most important feature of the short-stress rolling mill is large deformation and large spring.

       The various parts assembled on the column of the short-stress rolling mill from top to bottom are: synchronous spring, balance nut, pressing nut, spherical pad. The balance force of the spring comes from the balance nut, which acts on the bearing end cover. The balance nut is closely matched with the thread of the column to lift all the weight of the bearing seat, and the force is transmitted from the lower part of the bearing seat to the spherical pad, so that there is a lower gap between the screw nut and the screw, which reduces the screw and nut The gap between.

In order to avoid the impact and noise during steel rolling, the new short-stress rolling mill does not use hydraulic cylinders and uses elastic damping bodies instead of springs. This not only eliminates the leakage caused by hydraulic cylinders, but also achieves shock absorption and buffering.


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