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Steel Hot Rolling Profile Mill Production Line

Product description

Hot Rolling Profile Steel Mill Production Line

The rolling line equipment&machinery such as: vertical /horizontal housing mill stands(H/V housing less mill stands) of 650-350 size, universal mill, billet pusher, billet discharger, hot saw, cooling bed, straightening machines, product sizing saw, palletizing bench, stacker, weiging machines, marking machines, etc., 

Jinquan is an expert at steel hot rolling mill machines designing&manufacturing, for different types of rolling mills, the parts requiring smoothness are roughly the same. For example, the roller bearings in a strip rolling mill should have excellent smoothness; the same applies to a steel strip rolling mill. Because after long-term operation of the rolling mill, conflict and heat will inevitably occur during the bearing rotation.

Therefore, as an operator of a rolling mill, it is necessary to check the bearings regularly. If the lubricating oil does not work, add lubricating oil in time. This is used not only for smoothing, but also for cooling and cooling.

For general large rolling mills, lubrication devices such as oil mist, dry oil and thin oil are usually used, but these manufacturers will provide them when they purchase the machine. If the conflict force is to be reduced, the rolling temperature needs to be controlled, and a smooth cooling medium can be added between the contact surface of the roll and the rolled piece.

With the excellent smoothing effect, the rolling mill successfully completed the rolling industry. After that, not only must it be shut down in accordance with the prescribed operation, but in order to maintain the rolling mill, some appropriate operations are also required to prepare for the next operation.

At the end of the rolling mill operation, the machine must be turned off first, but the shutdown sequence must be noted, and the filtering operation must be suspended. Secondly, because the rolling mill will withstand a lot of force when in use, this situation will last a long time. In order to ensure the normal use of the rolling mill, the rolling mill must be overhauled. Once damaged parts are found, they should be replaced in time.

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