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Hot rolled H beam production line of section mill

Product description

Jinquan can offer EPC serice for hot rolling section steel production line, and we have customers in domestic, Indonesia, Pakistan, Ethiopia, etc., welcome customer to tell us your requires, then we will provide solutions for customers. Like if you need section steel: such as: H beam, I beam, angle steel, square steel , flat steel , channel, ect.., we will offer you the related rolling mill line based on your requirements.

And we are rolling mill machines design&manufacture expert, welcome customers to visit our workshop.

The rolling mill is a mechanical device that realizes the metal rolling process. Refers to the equipment that completes the whole process of rolling material production, including main equipment, auxiliary equipment, lifting and transportation equipment and auxiliary equipment. But in general, rolling mills often only refer to major equipment.
The working principle of the rolling mill: the working principle of (rolling mill-rolling mill-rolling equipment-rolling mill), rolling mill-rolling mill-rolling equipment-rolling mill is collectively referred to as rolling mill, which is one of the rotating rolls Rolling steel in between, the rolling mill generally includes two parts: the main equipment (main machine) and auxiliary equipment (auxiliary machine). The rolling mill is divided into two-roll type, three-roll type, four-roll type and multi-roll type according to the number of rolls. The rolling mill is driven by an electric motor. When the rolling process does not require speed regulation, an AC motor can be used. When the rolling process requires speed regulation, a DC motor can be used. The transmission mechanism of the rolling mill includes: gear seat, reducer, flywheel, coupling, coupling and other parts.

The working stand of the rolling mill includes:
1. Roller bearings are installed on the windows of the frame.
2. The rollers are compressed between the rolling parts.
3. Roller bearings.
4. The rolling mill adjustment mechanism is used to adjust the distance between the rolling mills.
5. Guiding and protective devices are used to maintain the import and export direction of rolled products.
6. Rolling seat, the frame is fixed on the rolling seat, and the rolling seat is fixed on the foundation.


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