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rotary drum slot walking rack cooling bed for steel rebar mill plants


rotary drum slot walking rack cooling bed for steel rebar mill plants

Product description

1.Walking rack cooling bed
It is used for natural cooling, straightening and transferring of various size of rolling products. The main drive motor of the cooling bed is located in the middle of the cooling bed, on the side of bracket slots, and outer the bed, which is convenient for lifting and maintenance.
Type: walking rack cooling bed
Cooling bed nominal length:(Design as required)
Cooling bed width:  (Design as required)
Rack interval: (Design as required)
Tooth pitch distance: (Design as required)
Minimum action time: (Design as required)
Transmission method: (Design as required)

3. Head-Aligning roller table
Near the exit of the cooling bed, aligning the heads of one side of rolling pieces before run out cooling bed, so that the downstream process is easy to operate.
Type: Toothed roller
Number of rollers: (Design as required)
Roller speed: (Design as required)
Roller size: (Design as required)
Roller interval: (Design as required)
Roller material: (Design as required)
Transmission between rollers:(Design as required)
Transmission mode: (Design as required)

4. Cooling bed horizontal conveyor discharge device
It is arranged on the exit side of the cooling bed. Arrange the rolled pieces which run out the cooling bed in a row on the chain conveyor, it is transferred to cooling bed run out roller table by conveyor trolley.
Collecting bench transmission mode
Conveyor trolley transmission mode

5. Cooling bed run out roller table
It is arranged on the exit side of the cooling bed. Between the rollers and rollers are driven by belts, sending the rows of rolled products to the cold shearing machine for cutting to a fixed length.
Roller size
Transmission modes Between the rollers and rollers: driven by belts
Roller main drive

6. Electrical and control
          The entire cold bed control system adopts a fully automatic control system without manual operation.
The main electrical appliances and components adopt the Siemens or Schneider brand to ensure the safety and reliability of the control system.
Horizontal conveyor chain conveyor is controlled by manual operation.

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