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TMT quenching device for rebar rolling mill production line


TMT quenching device for rebar rolling mill production line

Product description

treatment device by using the waste heat of rolling piece themself.The hot rolled steel under austenite condition will be rapid cooling by the device during rolling process, and the surface of hot rolled steel will be quenching and form martensite, then the rolled piece will be self tempering by release of the center waste heat itself, so it makes the martensitic transformation into grain fine sorbite, and improve the strength and plasticity. Main composition: water-cooling venturi components, purging nozzle component, recovery guide components, dummy roller components, transverse adjusting mechanism, control device of water supply, water supply system, etc.;

Jinquan is a manufacturer for producing rolling mill machines and offer rolling mill lines.

Rolling mill generally refers to the equipment that completes the whole process of rolling material production. It is the mechanical equipment that realizes the metal rolling process, including main equipment, auxiliary equipment, lifting and transportation equipment, and auxiliary equipment. But generally speaking, rolling mills often only refer to main equipment. Our common rolling mill seems to work relatively simple, The rolling process of the rolling mill is divided into hot rolling and cold rolling. The hot rolling process of the rolling mill generally refers to the continuous casting billet sent from the steelmaking plant. In the hot rolling production line, the billet is heated and softened, and is sent to the rolling mill by the roller table, and finally rolled to the size required by the user. The hot-rolled products are divided into two types: steel coil and ingot plate. The thickness of the hot-rolled steel rail is generally a few millimeters. If the user requires a thinner steel plate, it must be cold-rolled. Jinquan mainly produce hot steel rolling mill machines.



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