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Automatic Rebar bundle forming tying and packing bench/machine


Automatic Rebar bundle forming tying and packing bench/machine

Product description

Used for forming and tying of ordinary bar bundle, it has the function of automatically collect/end aligning/bundle forming, and conform to the requirement of Profile steel packaging provisions of the state

It is used for forming and packaging of ordinary bars, with the functions of automatic collection/together/forming, and conforms to the national profile packaging regulations. The baler is mainly composed of belt feeding, unwinding, joint connection and cutting device, transmission system, track frame and control device. Using brand baler technology, it is now designed as a dual-circuit control of the whole machine, which is more stable and reliable than the previous single-circuit control performance. The dual-circuit control reduces the internal load of the machine's electrical board, and the baler structure runs more smoothly and stably between each circuit.

This equipment is a machine, electricity and liquid integrated equipment, mainly consisting of lifting frame assembly, wire feeder assembly, twisting head device, guide groove assembly, mobile gantry, base, storage line bin, hydraulic system (including hydraulic station), electricity Control part and so on.

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