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Gearbox used for rolling mills

Product description

一: lifting and installation
1.When performing all lifting and handling operations, it is strictly forbidden to hit the shaft end to avoid damage of the internal bearing or cause axial movement.
2.The gearbox is supplied as a whole and is mounted as a whole, no need for re-disassembly and assembly at the site.
3.The foundation of the gearbox can be a concrete foundation, a steel base or a cast iron base. The foundation must be strong, reliable and with sufficient hardness.
4.When the input shaft and the output shaft are connected with the power and the supporting machinery, if the coupling is used, the shaft and the shaft are required to be strictly centered, and there must be no disparity, otherwise additional bending moments will be generated, resulting in broken shaft.
5.The reducer generally needs to be installed on a horizontal surface, and the inclination must not exceed 10 degrees.
6.When assembling the coupling such as the coupling to the shaft of the gearbox, it is not allowed to hit with a hammer. The coupling should be properly heated and set up, but it should not be heated too high, otherwise the oil seal will be burned and protective measures must be taken.

Two, working conditions
1. The maximum speed of the input shaft is not greater than 1500r/min;
2.Normal working environment temperature is -10℃- 45℃.
3.If the ambient temperature is too high or too low, cooling or heating measures should be taken.
Three, Operation
1.Preparation work before start-up
a.Check whether the bolts at each joint are tight and whether there are protective measures for each running part.;
b.Check if the oil level reaches the specified position, and check the connection of each external lubricating oil line with the forced lubrication part.
c.Check that the safety control and automatic protection system are safe and reliable
2.Oil pump start (forced lubrication)
a.Check if the oil pump is running normally.;
b.Check if the oil flow indication of each lubrication point is normal;
c.Check if the oil supply pressure is within the specified range
(0.15-0.25MPa), and whether the oil return is normal..

After the gear box is installed, it should test run at no load for about 2

hours according to the working speed.
a. Check the gearbox for unusual sound and vibration;
4.Load operation

a.After 2 hours of operation with the working machine, it can be loaded step by step with 25%, 50%, 75% load until full load operation.
b.After the load has been running for a period of time, check the contact of the tooth surface and whether the fastener is loose. If it is normal, it can be transferred to normal use.
Four, lubrication
Note: The gearbox is not supplied with lubricant before leaving the factory.

The user must properly fill the oil before starting the machine.

All lubrication points need to be filled with lubricating oil before use. After the first time the gear unit is used for 200 hours, the lubrication oil should be replaced again and the oil pool should be cleaned. The first oil change must be carried out after about 2000 hours of work. Afterwards, the quality of the lubricant should be checked regularly to meet the requirements for use in order to replace it in time.

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