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Housingless mill stands used for steel rebar mill

Product description

Jinquan professionally manufactures high-quality housingless mill stands/short-stress mill stands, and we have most domestic customers who demand to use the housingless mill stands to meet their requirements for big capacity and best quality products. And we are glad to take customers to visit our H/V design using housingless mill stands line.

The structure of the short stress line rolling mill can be divided into four parts: the pressing mechanism, the box (roll assembly), the tie rod and the base. Short-stress rolling mills have the advantages of small size, light weight, long bearing life, high rolling mill rigidity, etc. With the emergence of on-line quick roll change devices for short-stressed rolling mills, the overall replacement of the rack is avoided, and the investment of the rolling mill is reduced, leading to its application More generally, short-stress rolling mills are suitable for use as intermediate rolling mills and finishing rolling mills.
For the high-rigidity and short-stress line rolling mill, the working core is fixed on the movable base, the movable base is connected with the shaft bracket through the hydraulic cylinder, the traverse device is connected with the shaft bracket through the pin, the rolling mill core, the movable base, The axle brackets slide on the fixed base, and the entire train is locked by the locking device on the fixed base. The upper and lower bearing seats of the roller system of the working movement are strung together by four tie rods, and the tie rods are fixed on the column. , The sides of the upper and lower bearing seats are stuck between the left and right columns.
The guide and guard beam is a box-shaped structure. The screw rod is hidden inside the guide and guard beam. The guide and guard beam and the upper beam and column of the working movement form a frame structure. The short-stress rolling mill has strong overall rigidity, wide opening adjustment range, long service life and convenient adjustment.

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