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Manufacturing Roller table used for steel plants

Product description

Roller table is a transportation equipment that uses the rotation of cylindrical rollers to transport rolled products. It connects the various processes of the rolling production process. Realize operation mechanization, greatly improve working conditions, increase production efficiency, and provide conditions for automatic operation. The weight of the roller table in the rolling workshop accounts for about 40-60% of the weight of the equipment in the workshop. Many roller tables are used in hot strip rolling mills, which are divided into several sections, and each section of the roller table transports the rolled pieces either independently or at a speed and direction synchronized with the rolls. In order to enable the rolling piece to run in the center of the roller table, drum rolls are used, and the horizontal planes on the left and right sides are alternately slightly inclined, or the angle of the axis of the roller and the running direction of the rolling piece is alternately slightly skewed than the right angle. In particular, the output roller table used the above-mentioned method for centering in the past, but recently there is a tendency to reduce the roller pitch, so the roller table adopting the latter inclined roller arrangement is decreasing. This is to prevent the strip from being folded on the roller table due to the high final rolling speed when rolling thin strip steel. In addition, the speed of the roller table and the diameter of the roller should be fully considered.

We produce kinds of roller tables and used for kinds of steel hot rolling mill production line, and our rolling mill machines is also very good quality, take the closed-type rolling mill machines for example:

The closed-type rolling mill has higher strength and rigidity, the cost is lower than that of the open-end rolling mill, and the quality and precision of the rolled products are higher. However, this type of rolling mill is inconvenient to change rolls. Rolls are loaded or pulled out from the rack window along their axis. Generally speaking, it is necessary to set up a special roll changing device, such as using a C-shaped hook to change rolls. Sets, roller changing carts and other devices for changing rollers.

Closed-type rolling mills are mainly used for rolling mills with large rolling forces or high requirements for product dimensional accuracy, such as blooming mills, blanking mills, cold and hot rolled steel strip mills, and steel tube mills. In order to obtain better rolling quality, some small profile rolling mills and wire rod rolling mills often use closed-type rolling mills.

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