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Hydraulic station for cooling bed transfer car of bar rolling mill production line


Hydraulic station for cooling bed transfer car of bar rolling mill production line

Product description

BE Used for rolling mill hydraulic system power circuit.main composition: hydraulic pump, filter, cooler, motor, pipes, tanks, etc.

Used in the power circuit of the rolling mill hydraulic system. It consists of various hydraulic pumps, filters, coolers, motors, pipelines, fuel tanks, etc. The cooling bed is one of the indispensable auxiliary equipment in the medium and small bar workshop. Its function is to cut the rod into double length by flying shear after rolling, transport and unload it to the cooling bed rack for cooling, so that the temperature will drop from 900℃ to 100~300℃, and then it will be cooled by the cooling bed. The material device collects them into groups and sends them to the output roller table, and then the output roller table sends them to the cold shear and cuts into finished products. The design quality and installation accuracy of the cooling bed directly determine the quality of the product.

We produce kinds of metallurgical equipments, like rolling mill machines, and equipments used for rebar mill, wire rod mill, section mills, etc., and provide customers with best quality and best service. Welcome to contact Fujian Jinquan Group and inform your needs, Jinquan will provide you with the best quality products and services. Jinquan has served more than 1,100 steel mills, and is constantly innovating, determined to build a century-old Jinquan and provide services for more steel mills.

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